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Gym Pet Peeve #2

I told you all I’d be posting these periodically, so here’s my latest!  This one has been a huge problem recently, so I couldn’t wait to share:

The Over-scented Gym Goer:  Maybe my sense of smell has just been REALLY sensitive lately, but people at the gym have been wearing waaayyyy too much of their signature scents.  Honestly.  I’m beginning to suspect that they’re spraying it on just before they work out, which defies logic for me.  Here’s the thing: You are going to sweat soon, and it’s all going to wear off.  Plus, if you spritz it on a little too heavily, you are going to make yourself and the poor soul on the treadmill next to you gag.  

Sorry, guys, but you’re most often the worst offenders for this one.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to perfume (since I wear it — when I’m not working out), or because you are BATHING in it, but the excessive cologne use at the gym has got to stop.  I don’t care if it’s Dolce or Burberry or AXE or just whatever you picked up at the drugstore — the thing is, if I can pretty much taste it — even through the mint gum I’m chewing — while I’m trying to do sprint intervals on the treadmill, then we have a problem.  I have literally cut my workout short or at least interrupted it to switch machines because the smell nauseated me that much.  

Now, ladies, you aren’t getting off the hook completely — even though you generally keep the odors at an acceptable level — because some of you need to work on it as well.  Your super fruity hairspray can be just as bad, and applying your Chanel No. 5 too thickly gives me a headache.  Moral of the story here, people, is that you don’t need to make yourself smell extra nice before you leave the locker room!  The reality is that if you are at the gym for the right reasons (i.e. not to pick up a date), you about to work hard and sweat — no one expects you to smell like roses.

What do you think?  Do people at your gym commit this offense? Do YOU?  Got any other gym pet peeves you haven’t told me about?  Spill it!