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Fed-Up Friday: ‘Beach Ready Bodies’

Now, I know I’ve given you my gym pet peeves, and I’ve gone off on a (necessary) tirade or two about things that irk me, but usually I’m a pretty happy person!  Occasionally though, something just gets on my nerves, and I have to say ‘Enough!’

Well, today, my friends, that thing is the phrase ‘beach ready’ when it comes to whipping ourselves into shape for warmer weather.  I know everyone wants to look their best when strutting across the sand or running about town in their shortest skirts, and I’m not telling you to stop striving to be the best and fittest you can be (I am a trainer, after all).  But I get a little annoyed by phrases like ‘summer-ready’ and ‘bikini-worthy‘ because they imply that if these individual body parts aren’t ‘ready’ by whatever publication’s definition, then, well, we better not let them be seen!  Arms aren’t rock solid yet? Better keep those long sleeves on.  Don’t have abs of steel yet and there’s still some muffin top hangin’ around? Better keep your top on and don’t even think about trying on anything but a one-piece bathing suit.  Riiiiiight.

Well, here’s the thing, friends.  I didn’t drop 20 pounds or trim inches off my thighs by the time June rolled around.  But did I think my legs were prepared for shorts?  Yes!  Because it was hot!  My legs were ready to be freed, no matter what state they were in.

I really feel that phrases and articles like these can be really damaging, and can keep women (and men, too!) from believing that they can do whatever they want right now, no matter what size or shape or weight they happen to be.  It keeps the mentality of “Oh, I’ll do this when I drop 10 lbs’ in place, and keeps us from living our lives.  I know, because I’ve done it, and I’ve been there, and actually, it was when I was much smaller than I am now.  I had it in my head that I had to keep preparing for the main event, but I was always ‘getting ready,’ so it never seemed to roll around.  I spent a lot of time waiting for myself to get ready, and in the process, put actually living and loving life on hold.  But once I finally figured out that life keeps happening, whether I’m ready or not, I stopped obsessing as much.  As author Jessica Weiner points out, ‘Life doesn’t begin five pounds from now.’

So instead of asking yourself if your tummy or your butt is beach ready, why don’t you ask yourself if YOU are beach ready?  Do you want to lie on the sand soaking up the sun (with SPF, obvi)?  Do you want to play beach volleyball with your friends? Do you want to splash in the water or even bring out your inner kid and build a few sand castles?  Then do it!  Whether Fitness or Health or Shape says you’re ready or not.  Summer’s almost over, and you’re ready, I promise!