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Gym Pet Peeve #1

So you know those things that people do at the gym that just drive you CRAZY? Well, seeing how I work in a gym allll day, I’ve got quite a few, which I plan on sharing with you periodically. Here’s the first one on my looong list: always tells the truth. 


The Siderail Treadmill Sprinter: This is most often the person who has never run ever and has decided to start recently, but doesn’t want everyone to know about his beginner status. So he cranks up the treadmill speed to as fast as (usually faster than) he can go, and sprints as hard as he can (clomping noisily as he tries not to slip off the back of the belt) for about 30 seconds. Then he hops off to the sides and hangs out there panting for the next minute and a half while the empty treadmill belt rotates. I usually want to tap these people on the shoulder and ask them if they know that the distance and calories the display reads don’t actually count if they only run a quarter of the time they’re hanging out on the machine. Lucky for everyone, thus far I’ve refrained.


I do want to say something about this as a trainer, though. It’s great to push yourself — it really is. My job wouldn’t exist if people didn’t want to challenge their bodies. However, you simply cannot force something that isn’t there if you want to get the results you’re looking for. You have to know what you are capable of right now and work with that. If you’re lifting, start with what you can do for 10-15 reps, not 3 (unless you’re looking to be a power lifter perhaps?). If you’re doing cardio, do it intensely, but not so intensely that 10 minutes is all you can handle. You won’t reap the benefits of exercise if you do it this way.  And you’ll just push so hard that you’ll burn out in… oh, 30 seconds.


Have you seen these sprint-stomp-stop exercisers at your gym?  Are you one of them? (Be honest!) And what are some of YOUR gym pet peeves?

Sounds Like a Plan

Hey all, quick Monday post here.  Last week I talked about wanting to ramp up my workouts and renew my commitment to getting in fighting shape.  Well, this week I decided to try something new to accomplish that goal: I planned out my entire week, Monday through Friday, including when I was going to work out, write, train, and eat.  I also made a more detailed plan for my grocery shopping, and I cooked more food ahead of time so that I’d be prepared for when I got home at 9pm STARVING and ready to chew my own arm off.  I’ve always been a planner and list maker, but this just took it to another level.  I mean, I even scheduled in showers. Later on this week I’ll report back on how I did with following the plan, and how it made me feel!

What kind of person are you?  A super planner?  A fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person?  When do you feel like you get more accomplished?

My First Guest Post and March Goals

Hey guys! So although I’ve been a slacka over here, I have been doing SOME writing! Check out Chandra’s Shenanigans for a guest post from yours truly (first one!) on how I made the transition from working at a desk to spending my days in the gym. I know I kind of already wrote about it here, but it was fitting to write about it over there because she did the same thing! Granted, she was a little smarter about it, transitioning slowly, and not just saying ‘Eff you, corporate desk job’ and quitting completely, but still. Read the rest of this entry