I Survived: A Week Without Grocery Shopping at Walgreens

I did it! Last week, I told you guys that I was going to go a week without shopping at convenience and drug stores.  Because, honestly, it’s just kind of silly.  Anyway, I passed the test with flying colors!

I’m not going to lie, this was one of my easiest challenges yet.  I don’t know whether it was the fact that I didn’t need to go into the drug store for anything else or that I now work across the street from Trader Joe’s so popping into the grocery store is waaay easier, but this one ended up being a breeze.  I think I maybe also just realized how ridic it was to pay almost double for something that might have been sitting on the shelf for a while. 

I did have one moment of weakness, though.  One night, toward the end of my week without, I was coming home from work and I was just really craving cereal (I suspect it was hormonal, because I rarely buy cereal — I know it’s dangerous for me to have it in the house!), so I stopped in to see if the corner Walgreens had anything on sale.  So I walked into that second to last aisle to check out the carbalicious boxes.  And then I just stood there.  While I had a little mental battle with myself. ‘Remember how you weren’t going to buy anything edible at stores like this anymore?’ ‘Yeah, but some of it is on sale!’ ‘But is it actually anything that you like?’ ‘Well, no, but the grocery store is so far aw–‘ ‘Ahem, is this even something you need anyway? And how are you going to feel after consuming those processed carbs and cow’s milk that you haven’t been digesting so well lately?’ ‘But… I…well…FINE. You (I?) win.’  And after 5 minutes, I walked out of the store emptyhanded and had a sensible snack, like a pear or something (woo…getting crazy…). 

How could I resist its siren song?

So besides that moment of wavering, I stayed strong, and staying away from convenience stores didn’t pose too much of a challenge.  I did have a Crystal Light Slurpee (mmm, chemicals) from 7-11, but that had nothing to do with sustenance.  I was on my way to the beach, wanted something cold, and didn’t want to overcaffeinate myself by stopping by good old Starbucks for an iced coffee.  And, since I haven’t had one in a loooong time, MAN, a Slurpee just sounded amazing. 

Overall, I think I did pretty well!  I also noticed that my wallet stayed full, and my stomach — and the number on the scale — started to shrink, which is fab, since I have that bet with my sister and all

Has anyone else tried to do this?  Have you cut out the quickie mart shopping lately? Notice a difference in how you (and your wallet) feel? Do you have thoughts on this in general? Does anyone remember mixing every single Slurpee flavor 7-11 had when they were kids?  (Or now, I don’t judge) Spill!


About Heather

My name is Heather, and I moved from a big Midwestern university to a GIGANTIC Midwestern city. I'm working at a gym as a personal trainer, and I work as a freelance writer on the side. Sometimes I pretend to be an adult. I'm also figuring out how to keep my mouth shut every once in a while -- not here, though. How boring would that be?

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  1. I’ve cut out fast food and most convenience food and I just noticed a few days ago that I don’t seem to run out of money anymore. It’s not like I’m any better at budgeting or anything, apparently fast food really is just that expensive.

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