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Workout Jam of the Week and Group-Ex Tunes

So I’ve decided to add a new title to my ever-growing list.  Personal trainer, writer, gym rat, assistant manager, resume expert, non-stop talker…and group fitness instructor? I’ve been thinking about trying it out for a while, despite my previous reservations about classes (and, uh, my subsequent retraction).  But then last week, we needed a last minute sub for a core class, so I took it on and… LOVED IT.  Of course I totally adore my regular gig training my clients, but this was just fun!  A little scary too, because I felt like I was on stage performing or something, since I was the only one talking (and probably awkwardly telling jokes).  But in the end people were sweating and I got good feedback, and it was kind of a rush.

I’m going to be taking more classes at work to learn as much as I can, and hopefully, slowly I’ll be able to add more classes to my repertoire.  Either way, I’ve been bitten by the group-ex bug, and in addition to thinking about every song I hear in terms of my own workout, I’ve been considering how it would work for a class.   My current fave? This Kelly Rowland song, ‘Commander.’ Crank it up and tell me you don’t want to start moving.

What about you? Which songs have you loved hearing in your classes or at the gym lately? And instructors, which songs have been pumping up your classes lately? Spill!


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