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Friday Fluff

So… I’m going to honest here.  I have nothing to write about today.  Nothing.

I’m in a fab, it’s-almost-the-weekend mood, but my brain is just fuzzy from general contentment.  Plus I’ve been super busy from work, making sure we still would have a place to live on October 1st (we found a roommate, so HOORAY, we don’t have to to move), helping other people move, ramping up my workouts, being sore from said workouts, and just running around trying to get a few other things in order.  Also, I think maybe  got my ranting all out on Wednesday.  Whatever the case may be, I have nothing of importance to contribute today.

But these folks do!

Bess brought back her weekly Ferosh Female Fridays (which I LOVE, btw, because, well, how cool does that just SOUND?), and gave shoutouts to some lovely lady bloggers (including me!) for being fearless this week, and just kind of made me proud to be a woman who knows other women who support women. My lengthy sentences confusing you yet? Just check her out!

Laura and I must be on the same wavelength lately, because she’s talking body image and dismissing the silliness that is the BMI chart.  My favorite line? “I could weigh 105-119 pounds, as the charts suggest in “optimal weight” terms (ha!), but I’d look like a stick with a big fat wad of gum stuck to its lower half.  Or a kebob skewer stuck into a melon.  You know what I mean.”  Girl, I feel you on having a booty and thinking BMI truly is ‘a pile of poo’

Despite my raging sweet tooth, I rarely crave baked goods.  Until today, that is.  Rachel’s got me wanting to throw on my not-yet-purchased apron and whip up some of these white chocolate cupcakes while only speaking in double entendres.  And Jenna at EatLiveRun has got me craving something hot off the griddle with her whole wheat butternut squash pancakes, which I usually only do when staring at a diner menu on a Sunday morning after a rather late Saturday night.

Over at Hollaback Health, we’ve had a whole slew of awesome posts lately!  Read all of those, but start with AJ’s second installment in her set of guest posts, ‘I Call It Visibility,’ about her experience as a blogger with the intersecting identities of queer, vegan, and runner.  Which, appropriately enough, the name of her blog as well!

I’ve been thinking a lot about running lately and how I need to try some other exercises for a few months because I keep getting injured (well, hello, new possible case of plantar fasciitis, please meet old cases of tendonitis and a stress fracture) and because I keep SAYING I’m going to take a break, and I never do.  (Now it looks like I have to take a break, right during the BEST running weather in the midwest because I have really screwed up my feet).  Well, apparently, Ashley from Fashionably Fit has been thinking the same thing, because she rejoined a gym and has been having a love affair with the classes and their efficiency and they fact that they play nice with her joints.

Kristen’s post pretty much summed up my experience with weight loss in the past, and I felt like she was practically writing my story on her blog! Kudos to her for learning how to eat intuitively!  Still working on that one….

Last, but not least, Nicole’s post on Special K was so informative that I wish college me would have read because I was SOLD  on the low-cal Special K crap, not realizing that while I got skinny, I was putting some scary stuff in my body.  Also, I really think all of you will crack up at her title and the picture she posted to go along with it!

I like the idea of giving out a little link love to finish out the week, so happy reading!  And for the sake of discussion, since we all know I loooove talking, tell me what you’re doing this weekend– healthy or not! What fun stuff do you have planned?!

Lots of New Things

Hi! Another long hiatus, I know. Anyway, a LOT has happened since then!

1) I moved! We got a nice new apartment two blocks away from our old one (long hike, right?), and we actually moved a few loads using shopping carts because we’re a little ghetto like that. Oh, and because we don’t have cars. But anyway, it has huge windows, high ceilings, and best of all, we’re on the third floor instead of the garden level (read:basement). It’s a three bedroom, so we got a third roommate, one of my friends from grade school and UMich. She’s a personal trainer, yoga/pilates instructor, and life coach. She’s got so much energy and runs her own business, and I love it! Seriously inspiring.

2) I got a job as a personal trainer! Yesterday, I made it official by going down and signing all the paperwork! I’ve been ISSA certified for about two months now, but after I quit the corporate gig in July, I kind of just putzed around to figure out what I was going to do with my life. I finally went downtown to the gym I’ve worked out at, and said, ‘hey, looking for trainers?’ Lucky for me, they were! And lucky for me, I know half the trainers there so it shouldn’t be toooo hard to transition. Either way though, this is going to be a totally different experience for me! And I am so excited!

3) I started a Twitter account (that’s what you call it, right?). As soon as I told my friend Rach I had gotten the job, she gave me the assignment of starting one up. So I did! I am still super wary of it, because I don’t know if I need everyone knowing my business (oh wait, I have a blog…but this is still fairly anonymous. At least it was until I link it to a Twitter feed). But for business purposes, maybe it’s something I’ll have to get over? For those of you that have it, what do you think of it?
OK, I’m off to get some coffee and cheer on our boys in maize and blue….HAIL!!

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