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Wednesday Workout!

So remember when I said I was going to try to shake up my workout routine? Well I switched it up this week!

Monday and today, I went to a boot camp at Chicago Fitness Coach, and it kicked my butt!  Monday I thought I was going to die, but today was a tiny bit easier.  The instructor and founder, Tony, is super motivating and really pushes you — but does it all with a laugh and a smile on his face!  On the agenda today?  Treadmill sprints mixed with pushups, tons of squats, lunges, mountain climbers, Spiderman pushups, sumo squats, and LOTS of core work.  I was sweating like crazy (and wiping pink toner onto the towel since I had my hair dyed RED!). It’s all very basic stuff, but honestly, it didn’t matter.  We were moving nonstop and everyone was dying by the end!  Plus, I’m getting my workouts in early since the class is held at 9am! (Ah, the perks of not having a regular 9to5.)


And remember how I said it was pretty easy to sweat on the cheap?  I got this month-long, 5x/week boot camp on Tippr for $20!  Getting my butt handed to me weekly is even sweeter knowing I’m only paying $1 per class! Can’t beat that!

What have you done to switch up your workouts lately?  Ever tried a boot camp or another super tough class like it?  Scored any awesome deals on fitness stuff lately? Spill!


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