Worth a Look: Letters to My Body

Do you scrutinize or appreciate?

I haven’t done a whole lot of promoting for other sites — even though I think there are some amazing ones out there! — but I just couldn’t NOT say something about this one.

Elisabeth from Jogger’s Life has put together another, absolutely incredible site devoted to body image and EDs.  I’ve mentioned my relationship with my body and food plenty of times, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a big supporter of this project.  Please head over to Letters to My Body, and check it out! She’s compiled anonymous letters sent in from readers addressing their own bodies and how they feel about them.  Take a look at the forums and chime in!  Hopefully we can start some healthy discussions on our relationships with our bodies, and if these relationships aren’t so healthy, maybe we can change that!

Here’s what Elisabeth has to say about the site:

The site is akin to PostSecret in that people can anonymously write a “Dear Body” letter and have it posted to the website.  The goal is to say all of the things that you’ve wanted to say to your body but never could vocally express.  It’s sort of meant to act as a “purge” of sorts, and the idea was born while I was in treatment for my own eating disorder–I needed to find a less destructive way to purge my feelings about myself and my body, and a pen and paper were the easiest way.

Personally, I think this could be a fantastic resource, and would recommend it to all of the women I know (and hey, some men, too!).  And on the topic of self image, tell me, how do you feel about your body?  Love it?  Hate it? Tolerate it?  Somewhere in between? I know I’ve come along way with loving my body and accepting that my body and I aren’t separate beings, but one person that needs love and appreciation to stay healthy and happy.  But I know I still struggle at times, which is why I love Elisabeth’s concept.  So before you dash over to Letters to My Body, what would a rough draft of your LTMB look like?  Spill!

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  1. Thanks for the shout!! =)

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